Laser services

Laser hair removal

The most effective way to reduce hair growth by up to 80% and also gets rid of ingrown hairs, leaving your skin smoother.

Laser tattoo removal

It is one of the latest technologies used to remove tattoo designs, or so-called tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, and permanent makeup. It uses powerful laser beams that have the ability to break up the pigment molecules used in tattoos, whether they are black or colored, permanent or temporary.

Laser freckle removal

It is one of the most important and latest technologies for removing freckles and pigmentation in general, as the laser removes the outer layers of the skin and works to break down melanin pigments, which helps lighten melasma and freckles.

lip depigmentation by laser

It is one of the recently used techniques, as it relies on the use of a laser to renew its surface, restoring its pink color.